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Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Intelligent and reliable solutions for every business need, always.

Keeping up with your business.

The past year has drastically changed our habits. Our social behavior is not the same and our offices are not the same. 2Smart offers a customizable approach to your specific business needs for better communication.

Corporate conference rooms

For corporate needs in communication, a customized approach through our premium business partner offers the best of solutions for everyday business needs.

Our Crestron integrated system is ideal for corporates that need a major improvement in their conference communication needs even when hosting large conferences.

With cost-effective and energy-efficient technologies such as occupancy sensors and room scheduling software, the lighting and AV systems automatically shut down when the event is over and the room is empty.

Hospitality services

Hotel rooms can be smart too. Imagine your guests having full control over their room from the moment they check in.

From the comfort of their room, through the touch screen, they can browse events, order from the hotel restaurant’s menu, book a spa or simply adjust the music and the lighting and just relax.

Education Solution

More than ever before schools and universities need to meet the demand for high-performance technology both in and out of the classroom.

Stream videos, display documents, broadcast a lecture, or begin recording a lesson that can later be distributed to distance learners.

Remote management enables your educators and staff to focus on providing a high-quality learning experience with technology that simply works.

Malls and Shopping centers

Malls and shopping centers and event venues can benefit from Crestron technology on a daily basis.

From the high-quality audio, high-definition speakers, to impressive high definition video, broadcasting, controlling, and saving energy. Crestron delivers superior, reliable control and management of all the technologies in your facility right to your laptop, mobile device, or any touch screen in the system.

2Smart helps you choose and customize the system and programming it to your needs.

Find your space’s fit

All our solutions are thoughtfully designed with features that bring you comfort at your space and control from anywhere. Drop us a line! Or skip the form and call us now +355672043803

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the smart business solutions?

    Your business can become smart too and benefit from a range of smart solutions to enhance, protect and develop the business. From Audio & Video conferences, to smart access devices, monitoring services and sensors, everything can be valuable for your business.

    What are the benefits of having a smart system?

    You can create a perfect atmosphere and save energy with a smart thermostat.

    Staying secure with automated smart home security and access control devices.

    Controlling your entire home right from your smartphone when you are far from home.

    Prevent potential harms from thieves and accidents (gas leaks, water leaks, carbon dioxide etc.)

    What is the best smart system for my business?

    We offer a large range of business solutions. From shops, malls, to schools, universities, and other educationals institutions. From corporate and their need for conferences to hospitality services. For every specific need, there is a specific solution. Contact us for the best-customized solution.