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Time Lapse Camera

Time Lapse Cameras

Brinno time lapse cameras are resistent and versatile. Easy to mount and wide angle view. Ideal for construction site, creative projects and contact tracing.


Time Lapse

Brinno TLC 2020

Loaded with top of the line Brinno technology and an extra-long battery life, the Brinno EMPOWER stands out as the top time lapse camera for professionals.

Camera: 1080p HDR
82 Days Battery Life
118° View Angle
4 AA Battery
Daily & Weekly Schedule


Brinno TLC120

Brinno TLC 120

Camera: 720P, HDR
IPX4 Weather Resistant
20 Days Battery Life*
112° View Angle
Daily Schedule
Wi-Fi + BLE

Brinno BCC 200

Brinno BCC 200

Camera: 720P HDR
Bundled IPX4 Housing
Aluminum Alloy Clamp
42 Days Battery Life*
112° View Angle
Daily Schedule

Brinno TLC200

Brinno TLC 200

Camera: 720p
Fixed Lens
120 Days Battery Life
59° View Angle
4 AA Battery
Daily Schedule

Brinno BCC2000

Brinno BCC 2000

Camera: 1080P, HDR
Bundled IPX5 Housing
Adjustable Clamp Mount
336 Days Battery Life*
118° View Angle
Daily & Weekly Schedule

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