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Smart Locks & Access Control

Smart locks and access control.

Unlike standard mechanical keys, access control is flexible and dynamic.



Access control solutions can include electronic door locks for exterior and interior use; access readers for lifts or car parks; and wireless electronic locks on cabinets or cupboards. Building or site users can open doors and other locks with a smart access card, a programmable electronic key, a pin code or a mobile app — or even a choice of all four. It enables security staff to authorize or revoke users’ site permissions whenever they need.

SMARTair® – the access control system offering multiple credentials

Electronic locks provide advanced, user-friendly access management — with multiple credential options.

Real-time access control

Flexible management of access rights

A modern, mobile solution for your premises

Intuitive software for easy facility management

Robust devices with modern design aesthetics

A custom solution for your specific need

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CLIQ® – the mechatronic access control system using key credentials

Keys or access control – why not both?

Boost security with flexible access

Minimise risks associated with stolen keys

See who went where, and when

Carry one key to open everything

Become cost- and time-effective

Protect your premises with a proven technology

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Aperio® – wireless locks to upgrade a new existing access control system

Cost effective, integrated access control – without wires

Trusted by 100+ leading providers

Online and offline integration

Scalable solutions to meet every need

Forget about keys

Easy installation

Solution for every customer need

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Code Handle® – Protect your private doors in public spaces with a PIN handle

Modern design; simple yet secure

Protect private rooms in public areas.

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