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Automated Occupancy

Counting and analytics for commercial spaces

Retail spaces

Accurately track and manage visitor occupancy in real-time.

Achieve up to 98% accuracy when monitoring total occupancy numbers, ensuring overcrowding across shops and floors while maintaining a safe social distance.

See how your space is used based on clear reports to optimize your venue, including total footfall, areas of dwell, and potential bottlenecks.

Collect and build detailed visitor profiles and personalize the in-venue experience with a customized WiFi platform.

Hotels and hospitality

There is so much that you can do with our customized approach to hotels and hospitality.

Encourage retention by using data to send personalized marketing communications to your guests or offer special discounts.

Reviews are key.

Increase visitor reviews by sending automated reminders and request to your guests, following their visit to maximize recent, high-quality reviews.


Banks and financial institutions

Personalize your visitor’s in-store banking experience by using data collected to create marketing campaigns.

Understand how visitors interact with your bank and optimize your layout to improve the visits. Adjust your operation to match footfall and increase staffing capabilities.

Redirect visitors to your app URL encouraging the download of the mobile app or send download links via Email marketing.

Office spaces

Track and manage office occupancy in real-time by connecting sensors, CCTV and access points, to our analytics platform.

Contactless sign-in for visitors, new starters, and job interviews to reduce contact. Automated WiFi connection for prompt visitors.

Automatically notify the relevant staff member via email or SMS that their appointment has arrived.

Find your space’s fit

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is occupancy automation?

    Occupancy automation is an automatic system that allows you to accurately count visitors entering and exiting a venue. By automatically monitoring occupancy, you can get a complete understanding of visitor movement throughout your venue.

    How does the automated occupancy work?

    Occupancy data is captured by connecting compatible hardware with an analytics platform. Depending on the type of hardware, such as access points or sensors, you can achieve up to 98% accuracy when monitoring visitor numbers. All of the data collected is completely anonymous, so there is no need to worry about privacy concerns.

    What kinds of business can make use of occupancy services?

    We offer a large and customizable range of occupancy management services and cover many key industries such as retail, office spaces, health institutions, bar, restaurant and coffee shops, stadiums, banks, hotels and hospitality, towns and smart cities etc.